Numbers – Hoarding Film Edition

Yesterday afternoon, I caught a motherfucking huge batch of film from someone on CraigsList. Black and white and colour, 120 and 220, fresh and expired, various ISOs … all in two large Ziplog bags.

All this shit for $25. That’s $25 for this:


Here’s in bag 1:


6 Kodak 400TX 120
5 Kodak Portra 400NC 220
4 Kodak Portra 160NC 220
4 Kodak Portra 160VC 220

Here’s in bag 2:


8 Kodak 320 Tri-X 220
7 Kodak 125 Plus-X 220
6 Ilford FP4 Plus 120
5 Ilford 100 Delta 120
3 Ilford 200 SFX 120
2 Agfa 100 Optima II 120
1 Agfa Scala 200X 120
1 Kodak T400CN T-Max 120
1 Fujifilm 100 Acros 120

So that’s:

38 Black-and-white
15 Colour
25 120
28 220

Here’s my initial reaction upon getting both for the price of one:

Yeah … we’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Backlog Numbers

Here’s what I got in my latest batch of backlogged film to process:

38 rolls of film.
26 out of 38 are 35mm.
11 out of 38 are 120.
1 out of 38 is 220.
24 out of 38 are in black-and-white.
10 of them are 120.
14 of them are 35mm.
14 out of 38 are in colour.
1 of them is 120.
1 of them is 220.
12 of them are 35mm.

Wish me luck! -_-;

My Third Model

So after months of searching, I managed to snag up my ever-so-lovely third model for this shoot back in January. Apart from four photos, and most of the rest being underexposed (f/8, 1/30 sec.), these turned out quite lovely, actually. The last three we had to do because the studio I rented out for this was on a clock, and we ran out of time, so we finished off with three shots at a prop shop out west near the studio I rented out.

Didn’t realize how dirty the walls were. I would’ve gone for a backdrop but the guy would charged extra for it. There was a chair among the lamps. I was tempted, but he would’ve found out somehow and . . . well, either sued me or something worse.

Her boyfriend came by, since previous photographers and “photographers” had less then noble intentions, and apart from him being a distraction, and my general nervousness, I suppose I did an unintentionally shitty job. My first photoshoot was done at f/5.6, 1/8 sec. And to make matters worse, I forgot that when you’re shooting models, go for the widest aperture. But alas, I was awe-struck and scatter-brained. Comes with the training.

Though in a way . . . they seem gritty, artsy.

Her boy’s tremendously lucky. TREMENDOUSLY!!!

I’m going to edit these words later. Anyways, enjoy, indulge, or endure.

All photos © Mikailus 2012


I ventured out to get my film, after a long time indoors.

Again, I managed to find some more 220 film, this time from an ad in CraigsList who had the gall to post his phone number and first name in the ad. Of course, then again, the most unsavoury characters hang around the casual encounters section of the List.

After calling him to discuss and arrange for a pick-up, I headed out and met the man at a Starbucks *shudders*, dropping off $18 in exchange for a roll of Kodak Portra 160NC, a roll of Fujichrome RDP 100D, and two rolls of Fujicolor Relea 100.

He was a friendly, kind of nerdy fellow, who also gave me two boxes of opened 4×5 film for free.

I haven’t used these since I started to get problems from developing. I’m really going to enjoy this.

My Second Model

Here it is. My first location shoot.

All photos © Mikailus 2011

220 Film

Today I bought a couple of boxes of expired 220 film from that same little nook where I bought that box of Fujifilm Pro 400H film that had only four rolls in it. I told her about the incident and she was stunned. She said that she thought we had opened the box before, so there’d only four be rolls in it. I told her not to worry about it.

God, it’s a scorcher. What else do you expect from climate change? See, this is why we would be better off if we used hydrogen instead of gasoline. I mean think about it. It’s combustible. It’s found in gasoline, which is made of molecules called hydrocarbons, which are made up of various combinations of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Why can’t cars, planes, ships, motorcycles, generators and more be made of hydrogen? Because of big oil. But just because big oil controls the fuel that goes into cars, doesn’t mean it should be. They have enough money. Let them die out when hydrogen rolls around.

Pending Arrival and Pending Purchase

Today the Yashica was shipped out. I might get it either tomorrow or next week. One may never know.

Sunday, I’m fetching a bulk of 220 film from a nice guy that answered my CraigsList ad. 5 rolls of Fuji Pro 400H and 12 rolls of the ever rare Agfa Optima 400 for $75. I’ve only heard of Agfa film, though never used their films at all. They stopped making black-and-white slide film in the early 2000’s, and most recently stopped making them altogether. This isn’t black-and-white slide film, of course. Though it would be nice if it was. BH photo still sells them, in 50 or 100 ISO.

But despite the effort, I’m still looking. Anybody want to help out?