My Third Model

So after months of searching, I managed to snag up my ever-so-lovely third model for this shoot back in January. Apart from four photos, and most of the rest being underexposed (f/8, 1/30 sec.), these turned out quite lovely, actually. The last three we had to do because the studio I rented out for this was on a clock, and we ran out of time, so we finished off with three shots at a prop shop out west near the studio I rented out.

Didn’t realize how dirty the walls were. I would’ve gone for a backdrop but the guy would charged extra for it. There was a chair among the lamps. I was tempted, but he would’ve found out somehow and . . . well, either sued me or something worse.

Her boyfriend came by, since previous photographers and “photographers” had less then noble intentions, and apart from him being a distraction, and my general nervousness, I suppose I did an unintentionally shitty job. My first photoshoot was done at f/5.6, 1/8 sec. And to make matters worse, I forgot that when you’re shooting models, go for the widest aperture. But alas, I was awe-struck and scatter-brained. Comes with the training.

Though in a way . . . they seem gritty, artsy.

Her boy’s tremendously lucky. TREMENDOUSLY!!!

I’m going to edit these words later. Anyways, enjoy, indulge, or endure.

All photos © Mikailus 2012

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