Nov. 16, 2013 Rob Ford Protest

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Shadows of Glass

Enjoy, indulge, or endure … my first documentary short.

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Warm Bodies ~ A Review

Finally managed to see Warm Bodies last Monday night. A rather cute zombie flick, similar to a short film I tried to do long ago, though that was about love between zombies, and this was between a zombie and a human, and that the corpse was pretty. It’s a romantic zombie comedy, and I liked it. It was, again, really cute, in leau of some shitty CGI (except for long shots of the landscape devastated by the zombie apocalypse) and the writing was good, too. Some of the cinematography was really nice.

All-in-all, cute.

The Re-Shoot ~ Pt. 1

So last night I wrapped up the first part of a re-shoot I did with a few decent people I’ve managed to get together.

Unlike the last film shoot attempt, which was disastrous, this one actually went pretty well. New cast and crew, proper organization and planning with a few open ends on my part and improvisations. Of course, people will find it hard to believe, since the abusive, rumour-mongering assholes from the first shoot have already done damage with all sorts of stories they’ve said about me.

The people involved in the re-shoot, though, were not in the slightest abusive, rumour-mongering assholes but rather decent people, though it took over a month before shooting to begin due to a number of communication delays and debates over the schedules. I was annoyed over some of my own mess-ups. In the end, though, it was all okay. These were decent people. I was stressed at first but it ended up being satisfied with what we shot. I hope I don’t have to do any retakes. Met the cast and crew before the filming, which is what should’ve been done the first time but I was rushing through shit.

What I’ll do is simple: finish this film and have it posted as huge fuck you to Sarah, her manipulative, frog-eyed-petty-criminal-boyfriend Stevie, and their two abusive, under-age friends that completely ruined the first shoot.