Newest Fuckbunch 2

Chill people. It’s here. Enjoy it, indulge in it, or endure it.

© Mikailus Photography

Newest Fuckbunch

Enjoy, indulge or endure.

© Mikailus


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Enjoy, indulge, endure. I won’t be able to do any of those as long as I rely on shitty scanning by Toronto Image Works.

© Mikailus

Quick Shots

From my 35mm camera for once.

© Mikailus

Backlog Numbers

Here’s what I got in my latest batch of backlogged film to process:

38 rolls of film.
26 out of 38 are 35mm.
11 out of 38 are 120.
1 out of 38 is 220.
24 out of 38 are in black-and-white.
10 of them are 120.
14 of them are 35mm.
14 out of 38 are in colour.
1 of them is 120.
1 of them is 220.
12 of them are 35mm.

Wish me luck! -_-;