Random Scans

Dark Clouds

Posting may become more sporadic as I deal with personal issues.

All images © Mikailus 2011

More Scans

I just love this thing too much.

All except the last one were done with the Lubitel.

All photos © Mikailus

Scenes From Pride 2010

Enjoy, indulge or endure.

All photos © 2010

Don’t fret. These aren’t the ones I was talking about. Most likely next week or something.

It Came!

. . . and so did I!

Here’s one I took using the Lubitel 166+ back in 2010. It was on the streetcar one twilight as I was heading home westbound on Queen.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Threats?

Birthday, Some Delays, Yashica #2, + Last Lubitel Shots

I’m not sure what it was, but before I turned 26 yesterday I bought a second Yashica from online, though thanks to PayPal, this shit took a while to get. Meanwhile, the prints have been processed, developed and scanned, but I haven’t got them yet. Hopefully by the end of the week or today I’ll get both!

And speaking of today, more 120 film people don’t need! That’s right, once more I’m on the hunt for some cheap or free 120 or 220 film! A while ago I went to some small camera shop (which is what all camera stores should be like) that sold me what was presumably a box of five rolls of Fujifilm 400H 220 film, though on the streetcar back I opened the box and found only four rolls. I’m not going to complain to them, given how 220 is rare and asked even rarely.

Anyways, here’s the last photos I took with my Lubitel. As you can see with some of the shaky shots, this is the reason why the Yashica matters. It’s been a great treasure, and I’m not going to sell it but use it as some auxiliary camera in case the Yashica decides to act like a bitch on me. It reintroduced me to photography over a year ago, when I first bought it in March.


All images © Mikailus 2011

Leaving My Lubitel

It’s been fun between us. I’m going to miss it.

I’m not going to sell it or trade it, but keep it as a treasure and a back-up. Mainly why I am getting the Yashica Mat-124 is night photography. Doing research, I found that usually the best way to start night photography would be to shoot at an f-stop of 5.6 and a shutter speed of 1/8 sec. Unfortunately, apart from B, the slowest my Lubitel could go was at 1/16 sec. Due to the importance of the shutter speed for night photography, I had to get myself a new 35mm camera. Well, not really new. The last one I had, a Nikon F80 was advanced but it was all-automatic, and I’m a fan of manual control.

I bought a Nikon FM2 and sold my F80, using the FM2 mainly for night shots while looking around for a replacement for my Lubitel. I considered Rolleicords and Rolleiflexes, though they are hard to find around town despite rumoured prices of less than $100 for the former, while the latter is still being made but costs around or above $5,000. I finally managed to settle with the Yashica Mat-124G, the latest and last TLR ever produced by Yashica, from St. Catharine’s for $225. As I wait for its arrival, I’ll continue to use the FM2 until I’m done with the last 35mm roll that I have. Then hello again, 120! And 220! 😀