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Enjoy, indulge, or endure.

All images © Mikailus

Pride 2011 ~ Part 1

One of the many benefits of black-and-white photography is that you can develop and scan the film yourself within 24 hours after shooting. With colour, it can require a little more time for processing, and it’s a little different from processing black-and-white. That being said, at last, here are the shots I took during the Pride Parade of 2011. For the first time I managed to get a decent spot, despite hulking around the Yashica and a bag full of film (up to eight rolls of 220 I bought from B&H Photo – a five-pack of Kodak Portra 400). All it takes is patience and a little manoeuvring. I used all the 220 that I had ordered from online (with the exception of one roll), then went home, though I didn’t send the rolls to the lab til the twenty-fourth.

Here are the results, and the scanner has been fantastic.

Enjoy, indulge or endure.

All images © Mikailus 2011

Scenes From Pride 2010

Enjoy, indulge or endure.

All photos © 2010

Don’t fret. These aren’t the ones I was talking about. Most likely next week or something.

First Black and Whites

Enjoy, indulge or endure. All shot on Ilford Delta 400.

Some of these were taken at an AIDS Vigil at a park along Church Street during Pride Week. Do forgive some of them being low contrast. Those are the wurst. Seriously.

My favourite is the one of the girl with the nose ring and the pixie haircut at the vigil. She’s hot. She taken?

All shots © Mikailus 2011

UPDATE: Earlier I wrote that these were shot on Ilford Delta Plus 400. Problem is there’s not Delta Plus 400, just Delta 400. So yeah, my apologies for any confusion.