Oi …

Every now and then, in my quest to seek models, I’d come across some crazy piece of shit who would have the gall to call the cops on you for anything. Recently, I’ve had to deal with an extremely pushy cray-cray person who is a chronic liar and, hopefully, will have her career aspirations dashed away soon due to her own actions (snooty parents who don’t approve her decision to enter entertainment, false accusations to cops that she has to prove). Calling me up in the middle of the night, emailing me in the middle of the night, leaving me one-line messages and then never replying until hours later, asking me extremely personal questions (marital status, birthday, etc.) for no reason. Worse: she lives near me. She even calls me delusional just because I called her pushy, then tells me I don’t belong here. Thankfully, I was spared from working with a patronizing bigoted spaz. Better than that, I’ve got all her emails in case she causes problems.

I hate working with pushy people. I really do. I cannot stand them because their behavior is unpredictable, they’re mentally or emotionally unstable, and they always talk as if they’re on the verge of yelling or screaming at you. They cause a lot of problems, and try to control the situation as much as possible. Push yourself.

I’m never pushy. The vast majority of girls I give my card out to don’t send me a message after I give them my card, despite pretending that they’re enthusiastic about doing a shoot. That’s fine. To each their own. I appreciate the ones who did reply to my card, and I appreciate the very few who I’ve had the pleasure of doing some shoots with. I sometimes insist, yes, but I do it very gently because I really want them to model for me, and just enough so that they don’t get annoyed.

I also, apparently, am not white enough for some folks to feel comfortable around me, and that, according to their crypto-racist delusions, come off as frightening or morbidly evil thanks to something that apparently, until recently, I thought didn’t have a name: resting bitch face. Look: heaven gave me this face, and I’m proud of it. The only reason you don’t like it is because I’m not white enough to fit your sexual preferences. What also is a curse is my lack of physical fitness and shaving, which somehow puts a lot of girls off. I’m not shaving because it’s winter, and it lasts until springtime. Get over it.

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