Raid the Banks

It’s time to raid Wall Street. It’s time to raid Bay Street. It’s time we raid China’s banks. Every single one of these places have been creating clots in the economy and we need to bust them. So what if the rich, the parasites that have been feeding off the people for years, who don’t work at all, who steal from the people, who rob the people of their money, whine and bitch and complain? Who fucking cares? Vast majority of them are psychopaths anyways. If they die in the gutter, that’s their fault. If they become suddenly poor, they should get a fucking job. Fuck these pieces of shit. All banks should be nationalized, and monopolies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Time Warner should be busted, so that we never have a monied elite ever again.

And don’t start with me on ISIS. They are a cancer, a virus, composed of animals who yearn only for absolute power.

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