The Latest Model


Being my first male model in years, he’s also one of the cutest. This is Matt, one of the hottest/cutest boys* I’ve ever seen or met! Oh my gosh his bf is goddamned lucky!

Now the following photos I regret the low contrast due to my own incompetence in realizing I needed more light than I was using (f/11 under a cloudy sky against a dark wall isn’t beneficial in the slightest), and in forgetting my lightmeter at home. Midway through the shoot, between rolls, a thunderstorm started and it began to shower. I had no umbrella myself so I had to use my utterly useless fleece jacket to stave off the raindrops.

But that doesn’t take away the hotness of a young cutie in shorts and above-the-knee socks! If only he had a short skirt! 😉

© Mikailus

*He’s 19, so fucking shut up! I’m a man who likes his twinks androgynous, young-looking, petite and pretty!

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