I just love how my precious soul-stealing mechanical creature draws eyes and words of admiration, fascination, and curiosity. I love how it’s a conversation starter, apart from how great the pics are.

However, sometimes when someone first notices my camera, they start making remarks like how expensive film is, and how they gave it up, even though I’m carrying a nice camera. Are they complementing me? No. They’re trying to diss me for my chosen medium, which is film. They are the occasional idiots who, for some reason beyond the bounds of logic, tries to target me, who talk about shit that has nothing to do with what I specifically do. To say things like “it’s expensive” isn’t a complement. Why’re they telling me this? Don’t they care about the quality of my work, what kind of photos I take? No. They don’t give a shit.

It’s like that idiot on the streetcar who, after asking me about what film format my 16mm camera was, goes on babbling asking why are they that width, who gets to decide what widths they are, blah blah blah. Excuse me, but why are you fucking talking to me to begin with? Are you going to ask me about what kind of films I’m making? Or like the owner of that dilapidated art “store” who, when I asked him about a scalpel to do collage work, the fist words that came out of his mouth were, to paraphrase, so I could use it as a weapon. So that’s the reason why his store looks like shit: some clearly mentally and emotionally unstable, paranoid ancient Asian guy starts implying that I’m some sinister shady fuck, and for no reason. He makes such a repulsive suggestion based on what? The fact I asked for a mere scalpel for collage work I was interested in doing until that very moment.

Here’s a thought, a policy: if you don’t like the fact that I’ve chosen to shoot on film, don’t talk to me. If you’re not interested in what kind of photography I do, don’t talk to me. If you’re going to act all obnoxious about it, shut up, and leave me alone.

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