A Minor Adjustment

Spadina Station is a quaint little subway hub that’s the unofficial third of stations where two lines – the Bloor-Danforth (BD) and the Yonge-University-Spadina (YUS) – cross. Added to this is an underground streetcar station outside the one at Union Station, and that there are two separate stops in the same station for each line. It is also one of the most impractically designed of all the stations of the city. While not as warren and intricate as some other stations, it is among the most poorly conceived of the stations.

Take a look at any map that shows the subway system, and you’ll find that both the BD and YUS lines go from St. George to Spadina, then diverge, with the BD continuing west, and the YUS turning north. The main problem lies just north of Spadina, connected by a tunnel, where there is a separate platform for the YUS line. This raises several questions. If the lines diverge at Spadina Station proper, then why isn’t there a platform within the station in the same manner as St. George and Yonge station? There is a platform yes, but it’s about a block away underground and only connected by a tunnel. The whole setup, whatever the reason, has been completely unnecessary.

What should be done is simply scrap the Spadina platform for the YUS line, and close the tunnel to it. This would undoubtedly shorten commute time between St. George and Dupont. While a small handful of people will complain about the closure of the tunnel between the YUS platform and the main station, they’re just only a handful of people who didn’t offer any real solutions to this problem.

What can make the commute time even shorter is to have the line between Dupont and St. George more direct. Make the track diagonal from St. George to Dupont instead of  going west to Spadina then make a 90 degree turn north. If not possible, even making the tunnel from St. George to Dupont diagonal just enough, will shorten commuting time. If people wanted to get to Spadina Station from the YUS line, they should first go to St. George, then take the BD line heading westbound to Spadina.

For a city threatening to spill over its rim with people, and centuries-old urban planning full of traffic nightmares thanks to British knowhow in terms of road systems, it takes merely baby steps like this,  executed quickly and carefully, with enough people with enough skill, and the will and determination to do it and to do it right, in order to bring about change.

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