Troubles Abrewing

It’s been rather not so well lately.

The economy hasn’t been kind to anyone, especially myself. Living in a province partially destroyed by McGimpy, partially ruined by the Cons in Ottawa.

I don’t participate in buy nothing day because as long as you can buy things, especially domestic or local, you’re contributing to the economy. When money isn’t spent, or is being hoarded by the wealthy few, things go bad for everyone. When people stop buying, the economy goes down.

It’s been hard for me, from trying to find someone in Saskatchewan to help me sue people, to getting shoots done, to finding the money. When there are bursts of cash, fine. It’s good. I’m able to get equipment, film, and so forth. But the cash flow isn’t constant. Because of American influence in the global economy, when a country becomes too big to fail, it drags down other countries whenever it suffers. The wealthy and the corporations hoard money.

So far, not one person’s contributed a donation to my site. You can put in something via PayPal. Anything. To help me carry on my work. I use this as my work. But alas, people want everything to be free.

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