Well, according to this extortion website, somehow I am.

Somehow, sometime ago, someone pulled off something similar to the situation that I was thrown into about five years ago: they pasted my face, my email, and other bits of personal information onto a website called, a place that deliberately holds people’s reputation (and lives) for ransom, extorting them under the false promise of removing the information about them in exchange for cash. I say “false promise” because it’s most likely they WON’T delete the information posted on there.

And this is information that can be posted by literally ANYONE, even if they’re asylum patients let on the loose.

This is an evil website established by evil people, and it’s TERRIBLE for people who not only have been wrongfully arrested, wrongfully accused and wrongfully convicted, but who suffer from a record. Can you imagine the kinds of people out there (we all know who they are), who are literally so stupid or so deranged or both, that would actually fall for this, who actually would not only believe that some poor schmuck, who probably doesn’t realize it, is a predator online, but would act out whatever violent outrage they might course through their veins. The site never even specifies exactly what kind of predator they are. Hell, if you do your research, you’ll discover that there’s people who are put on sex offender lists for something as minor as public urination, or as accidental as being naked inside your house with one of the windows opened.

Now, I’ve known this for a while when I first discovered it, but I thought it wasn’t something to worry about until recently when it was brought to my attention again.

This is scary shit. O-O

UPDATE: I recently found out, through a friend of mine, that these guys were in fact shut down by the FBI twice, and that they’re not located anywhere in North America. Anonymous, if you’re out there and listening, it’s time to put these assholes out of business for good!

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