Feeling Awkward & Stupid

Just moments ago, before returning home, after dropping off some film for developing and scanning, I was on the streetcar going west on Queen after snagging a bag of fast food from Hero Certified Burgers (yum!), when I was approached by a slender man with dark clothes, a neck tattoo, and a dark baseball cap, asking me for ninety-something cents for him to buy a pack of cigarettes (if he thinks I’m wrong, please, correct me on this), to which I declined, assuming that he was among the poor souls wandering the urban jungle. However, he was a pleasant fellow, asking me about my camera, and talked about how his mother was a photographer in Florida, taking photos of sunsets and landscapes. Always loved how my camera’s a conversation starter! After a pleasant conversation with him, arriving near Roncesvailles, I just so happen to have a pre-written “business card” that I wrote earlier. I tore it out and gave it to him.

This is when things get awkward.

As we were approaching Roncesvailles, a nice lady approached me and asked for the same thing. She was sitting behind me, and just so happens to be a photographer. The problem is that I always write down my information, and we were just stopping Roncesvailles. I explained to her that I handwrite all my business cards, and tried to give her information as she was getting off. Most of the passengers trying to get off were already gone, the lights were turning green, and I was giving her my photoblog address. Then the guy from across the street shouted, asking me if I gave her a copy of my “business card.” I didn’t know what to say, and was going to say no, but I didn’t want to waste her time, or hold up anyone or even the driver, so I ended the conversation there without a word, and let her go.

If she’s out there, and reading this, I want to apologize to you for the way that conversation went and for seeming like a rude person. I didn’t want to hold you up, nor the driver or the passengers. Time to make my business cards before heading out to do my photo work. Perhaps buy some card, cut them into strips, and do all the writing by hand. I actually did that, once, though with the short ends of film I developed at home, using either white-inked pen or black marker. However I’m not sure why I stopped.

Speaking of developing, I’ve stumbled on these rather fascinating websites that advocate the use of caffenol, or film developer using coffee, vitamin C, and other non-hazardous materials:


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