People Causing Problems for No Reason #5

In the quest for a fifth model, I ran into a couple of women, one of whom I was interested in modelling for me. This is something routine, something normal for me. Any pretty face, I want to photograph it or have them model for me, I produce a hand-written “business card”, introduce myself, and hand it over to them. This happened a couple times before, and then once after these girls. After a discussion, they left the streetcar and I took my seat where they were sitting before. Then I noticed a rather old hag sitting in the row next to me, staring at me. I looked at her, and waited for a reply. Nothing. I said “Hello.” She said “hello” back, then leaned in towards me, saying: “Legitimate photographers don’t asking young girls to model on streetcars.”

I was tempted to put her in her place physically, but here’s the best option.

  1. The matter was absolutely NONE of her goddamned business.
  2. Yes, they were young, because they were in their twenties. So am I. Me and the girls are in our twenties. The Old Hag wasn’t. She looked 50, but probably is actually 70, and is assumingly among many people who literally are too stupid to realize that there are other people out there who look much older than they are, or look much younger than they are (you know who you are). You have women who look 30 and it turns out  they’re in their 50’s.
  3. What on earth does she mean by “legitimate photographers”? How would she even know what legitimate photographers do? Is she a photographer? Is she an expert on photography? Or just jealous that she’s a carcass under a heavy coat?
  4. She was implying that I was some kind of predator based solely on my looks. I have a big beard and set of hair because it’s fucking cold.
  5. She probably overhead me listing my ethnicity and immediately presumes that I’m some vile lech.

What a dumb bitch. What a terrible person. I looked at her and, while any person would be punching her, I simply said: “Well, according to your paranoia.” And it’s true. She IS paranoid. And deluded. She didn’t say anything after. Not that I put her in her place, but she’s merely pretending to have the high ground.
It’s the little assholes in life that make it a little more difficult for all of us to live and get by. *sigh*

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