Reaction Overkill

Allow me to digress from the usual fodder of photography-related stuff to talk about something that I think its time has come. In fact, it should’ve been considered from the start. And that is these ridiculous human rights commissions that our fair and free “country” has set up. Nevermind government abuses. Let’s have the petty rabble go after each other’s throats.

Earlier this month, a woman in Toronto who wanted a men’s haircut was denied because the religious lunatics that own the placed claimed that their religion (Islam) forbade them from touching a woman’s head or hair. So she filed a human right’s complaint. Pretty petty considering the opportunity she had to not only go to another barbershop but to also warn other patrons about the shady business that refused to cut her hair. Recently, in that cultural and social cess-pool called Saskatoon, a local atheist overreacted (as usual for people there in that den of shit-kickers and farmhand inbred yokels) by filing a lawsuit against the local yokel bus service because . . . their buses said Merry Christmas.

What’s all this fixation about trying to not offend people? For one thing, regardless of the history of the holiday, it’s just a name. No one cares nor should care. Even atheists would wish each other Merry Christmas. This guy, though, this Ashu Solo filed a lawsuit. I mean, Canadians, despite being loudmouths, are in reality a clusterfuck of petty whiners. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been guilty of that shit beforehand a few times. But I later realize that I’m a fully grown adult who is capable of handling things that we were not allowed to say or confront . . . when we were fucking children. I’m fucking pissed off at stupid shit like this whenever it happens, of people overreacting to such small, little things that can either be easily combed over or ignored completely. The reason for swearing, pour un example, for writing out violent thoughts and fantasies, is so that we don’t actually kill each other. Access to a gun produces far more different and tragic results than access to a pen. Same thing with, you know, lawsuits by people who have this bizarre sense of entitlement. It’s more about wounded pride and being hypersensitive to petty nothings than about serious injury to one’s person, property, or pocket. No one is entitled the right to not be offended.

Canadians especially have absolutely no idea what rights are about. Nevermind real crimes like murder, rape, or burglery. Oh fuck no. We have to pass these shit laws against freedom of speech like the hate speech laws. I mean, what those hate speech laws are telling us is that we are literally so infantile that we’re incapable of defending ourselves or others or each other from hate speech or misinformation. Whoever wrote those laws and whoever supported and supports hate speech laws are racist. Why? Because they literally believe that anyone who isn’t a member of the white race, who isn’t middle or upper class, and who isn’t heterosexual, are so inferior that they are completely and totally incapable of handling themselves. Sure, we cry, we fume, we get confused. But it’s one thing to bash some breeder back for calling you a faggot. It’s another to put some obnoxious asshole or idiot in a police van and to take them away (forget trials, forget incarceration, forget real crimes) for simply saying something you don’t like. Or hold completely meaningless publicity stunts like that slut walk, which was an overreaction to a stupid cop’s suggestion that women who dress sexually automatically invites rape. Nevermind intelligent debate. Nevermind going public and reminding people that there’s a difference between sexual harassment and rape, that dressing up “inappropriately” invites sexual harassment and not rape, and that any guy, who thinks that they would fuck someone without her consent simply because of what she wore, is completely stupid. All these claims by these sickos, that “She was askin’ for it,” or “She dressed like it,” are merely stupid excuses these morons cook up in an attempt to get away with their actions. No one asks exactly how she was asking for it. “Da way they dressed.” Really. So rather than asking them out, or asking for their number, or asking if they wanted a good time, you just straight-up grab them and fuck them? Give them a cock-surprise, even though they didn’t want it? How stupid are you?

But back to the subject at hand, now the moron in Saskatoon’s considering filing a human rights complaint over something that wasn’t even meant for him to begin with. All worked up over Christmas or a haircut? How fucking dumb are we in this country, or how easily are we offended in this country? Nevermind the plight of our fellow Canadians who are Aboriginal/First Nations/Insert-Label-Here. Nevermind the inequality between the provinces. Nevermind greater events around the earth. No. These pretentious children in adult bodies are throwing tantrums over nothing.

And then there are these ridiculous Human Rights Commissions. Nevermind if complaints are against government officials or employers. These have been the subject of much criticism, and sadly a lot of that criticism is from the right, and not the left, most of whom support such stupid commissions. They have no respect for the right of the accused, that they don’t recognize the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and have often made extremely controversial decisions that cause more insult than healing.

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