Last year I used the last of my 220 films (I once had more than 10 rolls, though they were used for other photos) for the MMVAs. It was awfully crowded, and I was late for the opening, where free perascopes made out of milk cartons were passed around. It was jammed packed and awfully difficult to move around, especially when holding an old TLR in your hands in my attempt at photojournalism. There was a stage right at the corner of John and Queen, and from there along the south of John was the red carpet flanked with fans, photographers, journalists and spectators. People were standing along the railing, on telephone polls, mailboxes, and so on, trying to catch a glimpse of the celebs on the carpet. It was crushing but at least there was some flow.

I also tried turning my camera upside down to get a better view of the action below.

Enjoy, indulge or endure.

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