A Brief Case for Hydrogen Fuel

In these times, as the crisis of peak oil and environmental collapse looms and threatens all life, one of the biggest questions remain: what on earth and in hell do we use as a replacement for fossil fuels? The answers could surprise us all. Solar and wind energy are not enough.

See, burning gasoline is a waste. It is composed of hydrocarbons, and every hydrocarbon consists of hydrogen and carbon, and in some cases oxygen. We could be harvesting it for hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, with the first two used for fuelling our vehicles, and carbon to be used for other things such as enriching the soil or creating carbon fibre materials. This may not be an easy task considering the obstacles, but remember that it was once said that humans couldn’t fly. Hydrogen contains a huge amount of energy that is released when it bonds with oxygen molecules. Because of this factor, we could provide much more power on so little fuel, replacing coal, which contains hydrogen and oxygen molecules, and gasoline. Of the little fuel that is produced, we can use it to create electricity that, in turn, powers the plant that harvests hydrogen from gasoline and coal. It should also be considered that some toxic chemicals even contain hydrogen that can be harvested and used for hydrogen fuel.




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