Good/Bad News

Good News: Cameras have finally been repaired!

Bad News: For the third time now, the one I usually use is having new problems! While the pegs at the bottom of the camera are now straightened out, this time its the knob for the shutter speed has become too difficult to turn. It’s a little stiff when you’re decreasing the shutter speed, but for faster ones it can’t go any further than 1/60th. It seemed fine when I got it, but a day later the knob couldn’t go past 1/60, then 1/30 of a second. The taking lens is now crooked, being slanted slightly to the right when you’re looking down. $220 down the shitter!

Good News: The first one I bought happens to be in perfect working order, so I’m using that one for now til the other one is properly fixed. At least the guys at Toronto Camera Repair got that one right. The one I usually use, though, is now back in the shop, but they were nice enough to get it done for free. ^_^

BAD NEWS: New huge backlog of film I need ta get developed. A combination of 35mm fim, 120, and 220 film . . . again. I’ll post the numbers in a bit.

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