The Re-Shoot ~ Pt. 2

Well, it didn’t turn out as I hoped it would.

Crushed and stressed by the results of the footage from the first shoot, I was depressed when we were trying to finish the rest of the film. Sadly, though, I had to end it. We were supposed to film in the graveyard at night but changed my mind, then film at one place but changed my mind. Finally, I had to end it. However, the crew and cast were upbeat and patient with me throughout despite a few arguments between us. In fact, we’ll be doing that little zombie film I was trying to do earlier in the year. Yet alas, I wanted to shoot this vamp film first. However, this time, I’ll do this after the zombie film, and with proper lights. Gonna get me a pair of 500W lightbulbs this week, maybe a light stand.

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