Fuck Bethany Horne


I stumbled upon the latest news of the Raymond Taavel murder after clicking on the headline above what seems to be a large, slightly cross-eyed aboriginal man. It was his killer, Andre Denny, who was in court today.

Now, clearly the man was mentally ill, due to the crossed eyes, and reports that he was released with conditions from a Halifax mental health centre (PC for asylum) despite the hospital’s board considering him to be a “significant risk” to public safety.

What had happened, for those who didn’t know, was Taavel, being a good samaritan, attempted to intervene in an altercation between two men outside a gay bar when the two men turned on him and attacked him, beating Taavel to death.

What happened to Taavel was tragic, and my sincere condolences to him.
I also have concerns and condolences to Andre, who was diagnosed as schizophrenic when he was a teenager, because of his condition which ended him up taking an innocent life.
It was completely wrong of the board to allow Andre to depart despite their concerns, and those responsible for the decision should be held accountable and be fired or forced to resign.

That all being said, at the end of the article is a slide show showing the twitter reactions. Among the slides, I found this:

Bethany Horne is one ignorant, stupid bitch.

Really? Homophobic violence, people? The man that killed Taavel was mentally ill. He was schizophrenic. He was released from a mental institution. He was fighting with another guy in front of a gay bar, and they both turned and attacked Taavel when Taavel tried to stop them from fighting. Where’s the other guy gone? Hardly homophobic violence. Taavel wasn’t stalked and murdered like Neo-Nazis (whose beliefs are paranoid delusions that were invented and stoked by a complete psycho) would do to their victims. He was killed by two men, one of whom was drunk, the other being crazy and possibly drunk.

What’s disturbing just as much is that many in the LGBT community are starting to believe in this cunt’s ignorant blathering, and some will go as far as to knowingly exploit and twist out of context what had happened for their own political ends, just as extreme feminists and the anti-gun lobby did with the L’Ecole Polytechnic shootings to push for gun laws while ignoring or suppressing some facts like the police taking forty-five minutes to arrive, or that the shooter, Marc Lepine, was the immigrant son of an abusive, tyrannical immigrant from Algeria that hated women despite marrying one. Abusing your children will turn them into adults with issues, and vulnerable to being driven mad, but that’s another story.

Bethany nonetheless, despite having good intentions, is not helping. She’s spreading her stupid around and it’s going to cause a lot of pain.

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