My Take on Kony 2012

In the last few days, after seeing what I honestly thought was an obscure documentary about a nasty, brutish warlord named Kony/Kuny, word has rightfully been spread and raised online and in the media about the efforts to capture and bring to justice this man.

I actually like the film, and support the effort of bringing the delusional armed cult leader to justice. I also piss on the criticisms of the film, especially the classic “what about the other brutal warlords” criticism. First of all, to quote Abraham Lincoln, “One war at a time.” There may be other guys out there, but the focus here, right now, is capturing Kony/Kuny. Second of all, it appears that much of the criticism comes from folks who actually don’t want to capture Kony/Kuny. Their excuse? “Oh, it’s complicated,” or “Oh, what about the other guys?” or “Oh, you’re being neo-colonialist!” or “But what about the government that’s trying to capture him? Didn’t they do any bad stuff?” Do you guys even want him captured at all? Or are you championing apathy and inaction? Or just let him run wild and free at the expense of the children and the blood and treasure of other people? Or that you secretly support him?

My only problem with the film is it is meant to make Kony/Kuny famous. Seriously. It’s as if the filmmakers (including talking heads like George Cloony) don’t know what the word infamous or infamy even means, if they ever heard of the words. This poorly worded (if not a typo) goal is causing problems like people throwing rocks during screenings (perhaps those throwing stones know the damn difference between famous and infamous, unlike Invisible Children and the youth groups that support them), and getting people, who don’t understand English that well, to confuse the words famous with infamous. A simple check in the dictionary would do so many wonders!

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