People Causing Problems for No Reason #4

I seriously hate these kinds of people.

Not too long ago, I was on the streetcar going east to Humber, and I was taking some shots of the street from outside. Then when there wasn’t anything worth photographing, I noticed this utterly unphotogenic bitch chatting with the TTC workers about me, me photographing things, and this city bylaw. We got into an altercation and, of course, this being a first, threatens to call the police on me. This authoritarian bitch, uglier than the scum in my shitter, with both eyes lined in eyeliner in a sad attempt to make her ugly ass prettier, then pulls out her cellphone when I kept telling her, in more ways than one, that I was photographing shit outside the streetcar. So I had to get off, since I don’t want to deal with that kind of shit. No police, thankfully. Shit-talking scumbag whore.

These people . . . seriously, what person would get into an utter fuss over someone taking photos, and of things OUTSIDE the fucking streetcar? I wasn’t photographing her, because she’s so fucking unworthy of it and uninteresting to look at. She’s not being a good citizen. She’s being paranoid and extreme for nothing. And even if I was taking photos in the streetcar, they wouldn’t be of her ugly, scummy ass. I’m in a public place, photographing whoever I please and wherever. Street photography and murder are two completely different things. What is she, the neighborhood watch, since they’re groups of paranoid fucks uglier than the scum in my shitter? Even if she wasn’t, she’s no different from them.

Leave photographers alone, assholes. Jeez!

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