Animal Liberation Canada/USA is a Terrorist Group

Okay, now this is really pissing me off. While I agree with the shark fin ban and disagree with its opposition by Chinese restaurants here in Toronto, the very threat of mass murder by a fringe of lunatics as deranged as the royalists should mark these folks as goddamned terrorists. Not everyone is a vegan (I’m a proud omnivore), and some of the vegans that read this blog agree that there are folks out there that, to put it very mildly, are so fucking insane that even a daily sound beating and medication in between is being too soft on them. Seriously, mass MURDER?! Yeah, that will certainly rally people to your cause. Right, that’s it. Terrorize the shit out of people and make the other veggies and animal rights activists look like you. If you’re going to win people over, don’t shave off their numbers for fuck’s sake!

I’ve witnessed a few clips from documentaries and most of the members are anarchists who don’t have or know anything better to do. Yes. I said anarchists, the same kind of jobless trash that the police were too pussy to actually arrest during the G20 back in June of last year. Anarchism can’t work and won’t work. There’ll always be a power struggle, always cliques, always leaders, regardless of the positive intentions of the philosophers of anarchism. Anarchy isn’t about voluntary organizing; it’s about situations like Somalia, where life and existence is nasty, brutish, and short. Where people are not safe and people hurt each other or others without consequence. The innocents are not protected. The workers are exploited if not enslaved, and people will be fighting for total control. That’s the kind of filthy insanity that makes up anarchism and anarchy, and the mentality of mentally deranged folk who, rather than seek a true purpose in life and recognize that they can’t always get what the want because it’s sometimes stupid, decide to harm and massacre innocent people over a fish. These idiots are so hardcore they don’t recognize government and attack innocent people instead. In fact, terrorism, the kind used by religious fanatics and political lunatics like the royalists, were invented by anarchists because they thought that consumers and customers were somehow willingly and directly responsible for crimes against humanity and the worker.

UPDATE: Now I find out that the fuckers behind the letters are racists, too. Yeah, you’re really out there, aren’t you? A fuckbunch of racist terrorists fixated on cleaning up the environment through violence and mass murder. Why would anyone among the veggies, vegans, animal rights activists and leftists even consider supporting this group?


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