220 Tuesday #1 (belated) + Model #2 Shoot #3

A funny thing happened on the way to the shoot. Me and my friend were sitting in the bus on the way to the station. Two women who were looking rather odd (who doesn’t in this city?) and giving me looks. I was trying to ignore them when I noticed a perfect opportunity to take a photo of the back of someone’s head. I took the shot, and noticed the girls moved away to the back of the bus. Me and my friend were sitting by the side doors in the middle of the bus, just beside the stairs that lead up into the rear of the bus. At the station when we were on the platform, the girls approached us and began giving us shit about taking pictures, and threatened us with police action or reporting. I confronted them back, telling them that they were idiots who like to cause shit for no reason or for minor things. So they went and attempted to report me to whoever. So I went and thankfully confronted them again with their behaviour. The guy in the booth was already on the phone calling someone when I managed to get his attention. I kind of recognize him because he was a photographer and knows what I’m doing was perfectly legal. The girls, knowing that they couldn’t do shit, stormed off as I was telling the guy my side of the story, even going as far as describing the girls as idiots.

They had an accent, either French or Russian, so naturally these people have no idea what country they’re living in. French folk would undoubtedly be much more tolerant since their country underwent a revolution while ours has been stagnating from reform since the start. Russians or Slavic folk are not familiar with this country, despite our own mock-democracy. Little moments like this make me appreciate what I have at least in this country, even though I honestly still think much more needs to be done, like dumping the monarchy, replacing our constitution, and replacing that rag called the Charter of Rights and Freedoms with something more solid and more broad.

Endure, indulge or enjoy.

All images © Mikailus 2011

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