My Second Shoot With My Second Model.

That day I completely forgot my cable release until midway to the site. So I had to use my hands, which is never good when you’re shooting a model.

After our second roll, we were approached by I think one of the security officers at the Water Works, asking us if we had a permit. I didn’t know we had to have one, and I honestly believe that because it was owned by the city of Toronto, this must be a public area. But out of caution, we moved our operations to the beach nearby. The Water Plant would make a fantastic movie set!

You may notice that there’s a lot of waterspots on some of the frames. That’s what happens when you don’t properly agitate the tank when you’re hand-developing your own film. And what I mean by not properly agitate the tank is by being way too rough with it. That led me to somehow completely fail at developing altogether for a while, resulting in five ruined strips of film and depression.

Also, one of the rolls we shot will not be making an appearance in this post because it was ruined while I was loading it into the developing tank. It was accidentally exposed to light because at the time I was using a Paterson developing tank, the one with the funnel, and whenever I would finish developing a roll, I would invert the funnel upside down to signal that it’s empty to load in another roll. With a lot of stuff on my mind, after I loaded the film into the tank, I unwittingly put the funnel back on upside down. I opened the bag and let the top of it poke out for just a few seconds before realized it was on the wrong way. I pulled the tank back in the changing bag I use to load the film during daylight hours, zipped up the bag, corrected the funnel, then took the tank out of the bag and began developing the film, hoping that the film would turn out fine. Well, it didn’t, much to my shock, since there’s been some stories of the film just turning out fine despite what accidents and mistakes.

Oh well. Not this time.

Enjoy, indulge or endure.

All images © Mikailus 2011

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