What Luck

On the subway home, in the early hours of the evening, I had just taken a photo of a girl/woman with her face in her hands when a man approached me. He was around my size, though slightly shorter, with a shaved head and glasses. He asked me about the camera, and we talked about it for a bit before he raises the prospect of selling some of his old 120 stock. He gave me his phone number and then parted ways. I was supposed to call him around 8:00 pm but came home around 9:30, then discovered that the piece of paper that had his number was missing. Then early this morning I received a phone call from him, and we went over what he had. After making a deal on the phone, we met at one of the subways around 4:35 or something. For $60 I got myself twenty-six rolls of film, with six rolls of Agfacolour Ultra 50, and twenty rolls of what’s been said to be the legendary Kodak Ektar 25, considered it’s masterpiece product and that it produces fine results . . . well, according to hearsay, that is he said they said this. Let’s see, shall we? 🙂

Meanwhile, I’ve yet to develop more rolls of glorious black-and-white.

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