Why You Should Not Vote for Dalton MacGuinty

In the days preceding, during and after the calamity called the G20, one man who has been behind the entire fiasco has been rarely mentioned in the press. Right now he’s running for re-election, and so far the press has done nothing of the sort to hold him accountable or question him on his role in the G20.

In June of last year, in secrecy and without consent of the provincial legislature, the Cabinet of Ontario’s government imposed a law in order to beef up security during the G20, which happens to be an utterly useless organization of twenty major economies from around the world. They sat for three days as the city burned, and came up with a few resolutions that did nothing for anyone. The police, for the sake of providing security, were given broad, excessive and even unnecessary powers in contempt of the Charter and reason, assaulted and arrested innocent civilians, journalists, hippie trash and peaceful protesters because they were too pussy to deal with the real violent threat — anarchists who were given the downtown for almost two hours to trash and wreck property including small businesses; assaulted innocent bystanders, photographers and journalists; and went as far as burning a police car. In other words, the secret act had failed. So did the months of intelligence by the police prior.

And yet over a year later, people seem to not have noticed that they’re still living under emergency rule that was imposed by an unrepentant tyrant named Dalton MacGuinty. Canadians, who are already used to being under the tyranny of monarchy, seem to accept this and make no noise about it, as do the political blogs that scarcely deal with Canadian politics. Even groups attacking the G20 and demanding inquiries and such seem to overlook this fact, apart from the law itself being tyrannical and that it was imposed without consent of the Provincial Parliament or awareness of the people. It’s not being retracted and MacGimpy isn’t sorry for it.

This is one of the reasons why people shouldn’t vote for this evil tyrant. Not just because he also showed contempt for democracy when he imposed the HST in 2010 despite opposition by 74% of Canadians in Ontario (who had even before the HST suffered from the highest Provincial Sales Tax in the country at 8%), then dismissed the people’s calls for a referendum on the matter for reasons unknown.

The other options in the upcoming election are the Cons and the NDP. It’s obvious and odious that the Cons are going to do things no differently than the Liberals. Why? They’re conservatives. Period. Thus the only choice left is the NDP.

Meanwhile, thanks to a few screw-ups of my own, I had to re-schedule the shoot for next Sunday.

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