Home Developing + Models

Taking up home developing after months of distractions and confronting personal battles unseen by almost all, seen by a few. I bought a steel film developing tank and reel to add to my collection of plastic developing tanks and reels, all of which I deem useless to an extent. The steel reels are a bitch when it comes to loading because you have to load them from the inside-out rather than the outside-in, but the tank is compact and far smaller than the plastic ones. Why are there no plastic reels for steel tanks I can never know.

An hour ago I developed two rolls of 120 black-and-white film, one Ilford, the other Kodak. When I was using the Lubitel, at the end of every roll I’d always rewound it and banded it together with rubber bands. It’s nostalgic to see self-portraits taken with my Lubie.

Meanwhile, things have gotten interesting. Been seeking models on personals sites and in person while passing by strangers. A few have shown interest and I had scheduled to meet one earlier in the week, though I thought it was going to be on Thursday instead of Tuesday. No word from her over re-scheduling.

Speaking of scanning, I should be working on part 2 of the 2011 pride parade. Oh well. Til next time . . . ciao!

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