Streetcar Shinnanigans

Last night I was venturing home after a late-night attempt to fetch a snack. Found a girl on board and, as usual, snapped a shot. That’s when a do-gooder started to babble how I shouldn’t take her photo. “I understand art but blah-blah-blah . . .” Then asked her if she was comfortable taking her photograph. I didn’t bother her, the do-gooder did. Just as bad is a couple of her possibly drunken male friends stood by and gloated at me, like they caught me doing something illegal red-handed. It wasn’t illegal. I wasn’t trying to be intrusive. I’ll snap and then leave. But no. The bitch do-gooder, feeling self-righteous, says it’s not legal, without citing any specific statute or law. Really? Illegal? I’ll be imprisoned for taking one photo of a stranger? Yeah, thanks for the unnecessary tar-and-feathering over a photograph, you stupid bitch. One shot, one photo. Like I lit a cigarette or something, which is illegal.

I’m not trying to grab anyone’s attention, fuckers. You are.

See, these are the kinds of people that shouldn’t have friends: people that intentionally cause shit in the name of some imaginary wrongdoing, like Subway Bitch I (believe me, there’s going to be many other Subway Bitches in the years to come). And she was so sickeningly sweet, I had to assume she’s stupid.

Meanwhile, I got the photos from Pride Week at last, but some delays in getting the scanner. Hopefully it arrives today!

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