Small Bit of News

Well, for one thing, it turned out I didn’t do anything, though the model did start to feel a little sick after she arrived so she couldn’t wait a little while longer for me. Not sure when. Not saying it was her fault, though. My fault since I was a little late being I’ve honestly never been to this one park before. I’ve been around it, I’ve looked into it, but never been inside it.

This is what happens when someone like myself never wears a watch. I’m buying a new one after losing an older one.

Just a tip for all future models: please make sure you’ve fully recovered before scheduling a shoot with me. I’m more concerned about your health and would rather send you home than photograph you while you’re sick.

Meanwhile, my scanner has not arrived yet. I tried to check in person on Monday yet for some reason the door was locked. Turns out I wasn’t pressing the lever on the door handle hard enough. I don’t know, I was certain that it was locked. It’s one of those trick door handles I presume? Vistek’s entrance is that of a single old wooden door with a handle that has a lever on top that you press before pulling. I’m usually careful, though perhaps too careful sometimes.

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