220 Film

Today I bought a couple of boxes of expired 220 film from that same little nook where I bought that box of Fujifilm Pro 400H film that had only four rolls in it. I told her about the incident and she was stunned. She said that she thought we had opened the box before, so there’d only four be rolls in it. I told her not to worry about it.

God, it’s a scorcher. What else do you expect from climate change? See, this is why we would be better off if we used hydrogen instead of gasoline. I mean think about it. It’s combustible. It’s found in gasoline, which is made of molecules called hydrocarbons, which are made up of various combinations of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Why can’t cars, planes, ships, motorcycles, generators and more be made of hydrogen? Because of big oil. But just because big oil controls the fuel that goes into cars, doesn’t mean it should be. They have enough money. Let them die out when hydrogen rolls around.

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