Awaiting Scanner

Yesterday was one of those days I didn’t take my camera with me. I went to order an Epson 4490 scanner from Vistek, but it’ll be two weeks for it to arrive.

I had bought a scanner earlier, though I didn’t realize that there had to be a special scanner to scan film. The one I have now is a Canon CanoScan Lide 110, which has seen limited use and is an ordinary scanner. Ones that can scan film have a scanning-thing in the lid. I didn’t realize this until I failed to scan a few film trimmings and did further research. The CanoScan was less than $100, but, well, it doesn’t scan film, and the cheapest scanners that do scan film cost a little over $100. The Epson is the cheapest to date in film scanners. Well, from Vistek, at $139.95 + HST. I’m going to have to write about the problems with provincial government, and not just in Ontario. Coming soon, though.

The CanoScan is up for sale right now, at a fair price, of course.

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