Do-Gooder Ruins Street Photography Forever

On my way to drop off some rolls of my first model shoot, I do what I usually do when I see something interesting: take a photo of it. I sometimes ask but only sparingly. Some people don’t mind even when they weren’t asked. This one person —black, butch, piercing on her right eyebrow, green-and-white-striped shirt with thick stripes— noticed me and softly told me I shouldn’t photograph people. I shrugged her off, took my shot and waited, trying to avoid her stare. After arriving at Spadina, she had the nerve to get up, wake him up, and tell him I was photographing him. He didn’t seem to care, but I was livid and protested her trying to cause trouble. Her excuse?

“It’s an invasion of privacy.”

What? No it wasn’t? Photographing someone asleep isn’t invasion of privacy, bitch. Approaching someone sleeping, entering their space, touching them and deliberately waking them up to tell them that someone fucking photographed them is an invasion of privacy. This didn’t cross my mind, of course, since I was so livid. I said as the cowardly stupid  bitch calmly walked to the other end of the car: “And?” She shot back: “It’s an invasion of privacy.” What a hypocritical bitch. She didn’t wake him up because it was the end of the line or because he was about to be robbed. She deliberately did this to cause trouble, pretending to be a fucking do-gooder. Over a photograph. She deserved getting the bird flipped at her. Someone aught to smack her for being so stupid and for deliberately trying to cause trouble. Invasion of privacy my ass. What a load of shit! She did the exact same thing she was accusing me of doing! Fuck her! She’s never been to an art gallery before. She’s never seen any photoblogs or read books on street photography. What noble cause was worth in rousing this poor man from his slumber, who was probably having a nice dream that’s now ruined, and didn’t give a shit, over someone calmly and quietly taking his photograph? I wasn’t in his face. I wasn’t trying to wake him up. I was only taking a fucking photo, people! Jeez! Someone please teach her something if you see her! Nothing excessive but someone give her . . . you know! Fuck this shit! Thanks for ruining my day, asshole! I feel really positive now!

COMING SOON: The MMVAs, Toronto Pride and First Model Shoot! 😀

UPDATE: In an earlier version of this, there was a typo where it looked like like she was telling the sleeping man she woke up I was photographing her. I actually meant she told him I was photographing him . . . which is still moronic of someone like her.

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