Looking for Yashica Accessories + Some Thoughts on the Lubitel 166+ and 220 Film

As I await the homecoming of my new camera, I’ve been looking around for any accessories necessary for my work. So far, I’m ordering a close-up adapter and am looking for a wide-angle adapter. If anyone knows someone or someplace that still sells one, post a comment here and I’ll be eternally grateful to you!

Most likely this Wednesday will my precious gem arrive. I also ordered a custom-made focusing screen for the Yashica from Rick Oleson, who also makes focusing screens for other TLR cameras.

I’m going to miss my Lubitel (166+), since we’ve had such fun times together. My first shots were ruined during developing when I first tried it out, but slowly, surely, I got better at developing as I did at using the lovely creature. Shame now I am replacing it, though not without some regrets. For example, its shutter speed range goes from 1/16-1/250 sec. as opposed to the standard 1-1/500 sec. that the Yashica and other later cameras had. The Lubitel also lacked a timer. However, it had a few benefits, namely the ability to frame the film at the right point thanks to a window in the back, and can be rewound. Perhaps if the Lomographic Society can combine both features of the Lubitel (rewindable, rear screen) and the Yashica (1-1/500 sec. shutter speeds, timer), it would be able to give analogue users a broader range. On the other hand, you can’t use 220 in the the Lubitel. Well, you could, but it’d be more difficult to know what frame you’re on without exposing the film, since 220 has no paper backing.

Speaking of 220, I had recently ordered a single roll from Henry’s last batch of the stuff (fifteen rolls from the warehouse, they said).

Maybe there should be an online 220 specialty shop for Canadians — and the world! — that sells exclusively 220 or 220-compatible equipment, supplies, and, of course, film.

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